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Sagging Skin

The main factors that cause skin to sag are skin ageing and volume loss. Skin ageing is the loss of collagen, elastin and natural hydrators from your skin. It is a process that begins in your early twenties and becomes visible in your early thirties.
​Are you getting to the age where your skin texture doesn’t feel as tight as it used to?


  • Do you feel your eyes look more tired?

  • Would you like the lines on your neck to be softer?

How Can We Treat Sagging Skin?

The best way to treat skin laxity is to encourage collagen stimulation in our dermal layer.  


We do this by causing a controlled injury or trauma to the surface of the skin.  


This causes our wound healing response to be stimulated and during this process our cells receive signals to make more collagen to repair our skin. 


We use a variety of methods to stimulate your collagen renewal and the methods we use will be dependent on your personal history which helps us to decide which treatment will work best to achieve the results you are looking for. 


The top non-surgical facelift is a combination treatment of Vivace and Exosomes

As part of your treatment plan, we take photos and have follow up reviews where we can compare your before and after pictures so you can see your results.

Treatment Options

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