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What is the true cost of weight loss?

Slowly, over time I had become very stiff, more overweight, was uncomfortable and my back had been hurting for a couple of years. Realising that something needed to be done about this I looked at weight loss treatment options and costs. Why? Because I was wanting something quick and most of all easy.

So, this is what was out there

  • Gastric Bypass from- £11,000-

  • Allurion balloon from – £4000

  • Liposuction from – £5000

Surgery did not appeal as it would still take a year for the weight to come off and eating would always be restricted.

Liposuction would not get rid of visceral fat, back fat and my chubby cheeks and I was concerned that it would be uneven and not give me the results that I was looking for.

The Allurion balloon seemed the most palatable - easy hey, swallow a balloon that filled your tummy up for 16 weeks.

So I mentioned the balloon method to my daughter, who got quite cross and said “if you are prepared to spend £4000 then you would be better using the money to see a nutritionist and a personal instructor to learn how to eat and exercise correctly for the rest of your life so as to sustain optimum health into old age”.

She was right, there was no shortcut to this and that I had to put in the effort if I wanted to feel fit and well again.

Andrew Heighton-Jackson at Rewild Mobility – had advertised on Facebook that he specialised in helping people get mobile again. This interested me as I was losing my balance (had to sit down to put my knickers on) and had to hold onto something to help me get up off the floor.

I also spoke with Dr Sister (my doctors over here were not helpful at all) and explained that I had ZERO willpower, had put on weight, felt uncomfortable and was getting a very fat belly. Dr Sister explained about the menopause changing our metabolic rate and that fat distribution changes too and suggested I go on Ozempic.

Doctor Sister made it very clear that it was not a magic wand, and that the way I ate and exercised were important too. Part of his prescription was that I had to go and see someone to learn which foods were good for me and which to avoid.

So I went to see Noemi from G & N, PT Studio, a hormonal diet specialist, who is also a pharmacist. During my initial consultation I was asked lots of questions which determined my hormone type and therefore my foods. Noemi educated me about how foods work in our bodies and that different body types need different foods - what is good for one is not necessarily good for another.

So armed with a PI, a nutritional plan and ozempic, I began my journey.

The exercises with Andrew have been very gentle, slowly my strength and mobility has built up to the extent that I feel normal again. I can zoom up the stairs without my knees giving way, I have more energy and I sleep better. My legs and ankles are stronger and I have even had a few jogs around the block.

I have also followed Noemi’s diet plan and have lost 22lbs since the beginning of July. My joints are fine now and I have lost the bloat and the indigestion

It was hard to change the way I ate in the beginning but I focused on what I could eat rather than what I couldn’t and I ate way more fruit and vegetables than I normally would. Now I want to eat that way all the time.

I have replaced my nightly chocolate fix with couple of squares of dark chocolate, full of antioxidants, it is enough to give me a chocolate fix but not nice enough to eat the whole bar

Eating more protein takes away any cravings, I love prawns and cooked salmon. Although this sounds expensive, because I have not been going to the chippie, Chinese, Indian, or getting take away burgers and pizzas,

I have been able to afford the healthy things that I like

  • Personal mobility and strength training 3 times a week for 12 months - Andrew Heighton-Jackson - £3000

  • Dr Sister Consults x 2 and Ozempic for 12 mths - £1500

  • Hormonal Nutrition plan with Noemi - 1 initial consult and 5 monthly follow ups - £500

So to surmise, the cost of my year of weight loss will be £5000, circa £100 per week.

Was it worth it…HELL YEAH!

I am so pleased I did because I feel great now.

Whatever you choose,it is going to cost you money unless you have superb willpower, I don’t and need someone to help me.

If you do choose this route then you will undoubtedly be much healthier, slimmer and happier at the end of the year's plan and will be amazed at how easily you can do it.

So the question you must ask yourself is…ARE YOU WORTH IT?


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