South Korea and the exciting future that is Exosomes

Off to Korea

As some of you may know, Bronwen and I have recently returned from a fabulous trip to South Korea. What an experience!

We flew to Seoul, South Korea as we had been invited to the world’s first Regenerative Medicine Conference. That was quite an honour, as there were only 13 attendees from the UK, as well as 250+ from the USA.

It was a great opportunity to make many new contacts; we met the US and Korean industry leaders who have been using Exosomes in their clinics for several years and they showcased their incredible results.

At the conference there were various speakers who had travelled from near and far to speak on Exosomes. We listened to talks on:

  • Exosomes in Skin Regeneration

  • Hair Restoration (becoming very popular in our industry)

  • Calming Inflammatory Skin Diseases (such as eczema, psoriasis and acne)

  • PRP vs Exosomes

  • Injectables(such as botox and dermal fillers) vs Exosomes

and much more.

Aesthetic Conference

Our Korean hosts then took us to visit the largest Aesthetic Conference in Seoul. This was great to explore the latest technology and treatments in use in South Korea and in the wider Asian market.

We were given many freebies to try, but some of the products that are licenced in Asia are still awaiting FDA approval or UK distributors, so we are unable to bring in the products just now. Watch this space…

Manufacturing of the highest quality

Our main purpose was to visit the manufacturing establishments of the products we have recently introduced into the clinic, including Exosomes, Vivace Microneedling, and Theraderm Korean Skincare.

During our first Exosomes tour we saw where the Exosomes were purified, prepared, filled and packed. Health and safety precautions when working with Exosomes ensure that everything was kept as hygienic as possible. It was also freezing in the Exosome storage facility as it is vital to keep them at a low, low temperature to ensure the highest level of potency.

The brand new facility use state-of-the-art equipment and technology that constantly monitors the temperature of the Exosomes. Multiple back-up generators are on hand in case of a power cut – the product must stay cooled or it will be wasted.

''I am so grateful that we saw the entire process of how Exosomes are made, as this backs up our assurance that the quality of the product we have in the clinic for you is the best possible.''

Tiny Exosomes – the next big thing in skincare

Exosomes are extracellular vesicles that are the cell-to-cell communication messengers – they reprogramme molecules sent between cells. Exosomes are nanosize cargos carrying diverse bio-molecules and are secreted by most types of cells to communicate with each other. They transfer information to local and remote cells.

Remember the name, Exosomes, as they are THE next big thing in skincare and regenerative medicine and we are among the very first to be using them in clinics for you.

Vivace – always moving forward

At the Vivace manufacturers we saw the latest techniques to get you the best results from the treatment. We also were shown all the new machinery they are introducing: they are aiming for two to three new machines in the next year alone… an example for how quickly the technology moves in our industry!

We are getting excellent results from our guests with the Vivace machine – I am so pleased that we invested and brought it into clinic as results after one treatment are as good as results after four with the original needling or RF.

Now that we have visited the Exosome manufacturing facility, attended the Regenerative Medicine conference and understand a lot more about the exosomes, we will push ahead with including Exosomes in our treatments, which means the combination of Vivace and Exosomes will be unbeatable…

''Goodbye, botox and dermal fillers; hello to your own skin health regeneration and restoration.''

Going solo in Seoul

We had a day off for a sightseeing tour, but I ducked out of the organised tour to head off exploring on my own. I wanted to find out what Seoul had to offer in terms of retail and skincare therapy.

I started the day off by getting on the underground, wondering how hard can this be? Well, as I don't speak Korean and couldn’t find someone who spoke English, a mini-panic started to set in – thank goodness the Koreans are way more technologically advanced than us and there is Wi-Fi everywhere so Google Translate eventually got me on my way. The underground was absolutely immaculate and so spacious – something that would be great to bring to London.

My first stop of the day was, of course, a skin clinic to try out a facial – I was dying to try out a treatment whilst I was there to see how it compared.

Like the technology, the Koreans are way ahead with most things, skin care included. Say goodbye to your spa and beauty parlours like we have on every street corner in the UK; Seoul is ahead of the game and is full of aesthetic skin clinics, No wonder everyone has perfect skin.

Although the experience for my treatment wasn’t particularly exciting, especially as I had to cleanse my own face, my skin did look incredible and definitely had the Korean Glass Skin Effect. They also did a cellulite treatment on my legs which was nothing to write home about and you always need four treatments. I was looking to see the machines and techniques used.

Skincare heaven

If you haven't heard about Korean skincare, let me educate you. I wandered off to an area called Myeongdong and the only way I can describe it was if you were to imagine Oxford Street but replace the clothes shops with skincare - it was a skincare junkie HEAVEN!

As you can imagine another suitcase purchase was a requirement – I mostly bought different sheet masks to try, eye creams, SPF and lip masks as I wasn't entirely sure of how the ingredients compared to the EU. So far I love all the purchases and my skin is looking glowy and glassy.


On our last day we visited the Theraderm Korean Skincare headquarters, and you could immediately see that this was a female-led company: every detail was planned to perfection; flower bouquets on every table; immaculately cleaned and extremely well organised.

During the day the entire team also got to experience their own Theraderm facial. I had an acne and blemish-based treatment and Bronwen had an anti-ageing oestrogen-based treatment, and as you can see from the photos our skin was glowing after.

What makes Theraderm different from the other brands that we stock in clinics is that they believe all medicines come from nature so they source and extract their therapeutic ingredients from plants.

Theraderm uses traditional Korean medicinal, therapeutic ingredients and puts them through a fermentation process with vinegar (acetic acid) and through this fermentation process many active ingredients are produced, such as organic acids, enzymes of amino acids, minerals, ethanol and other solvents, bio-energies, vitamins and other pharmaceuticals.

Theraderm believes that peeling is the most efficient solution to improve the skin quality but visible peeling needs recovery time and in some skins can cause a risk and is inconvenient. However, when using natural sources of peeling these problems are minimised. Also the natural products are both peeling the skin and feeding it the nutrition it needs.

There have been many studies on the protective effects of kudzu root vinegar and adenosine against UVB-induced oxidative stress in human keratinocytes (human cells). Specialists are also exploring new developments in skincare using Microbiome and Exosomes. They are exploring Exosomes from ‘Black Rice’, SheaButter by lactobacillus and Kudzu Exosomes.

Back home again

That about sums up our trip to Seoul, South Korea. We had an excellent time, learnt an invaluable amount, met great people and have arrived back in Guernsey more ready than ever to get going with these ‘ahead of their time’ treatments that I believe really set us apart from other clinics.

I hope you have enjoyed reading our account of our trip and if you would like to know more about anything mentioned, we would love to see you in clinic and answer any questions.

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