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Fat Reduction, Vanquish

Vanquish is a recent innovation in non-invasive fat reduction technology, having received full FDA approval in 2015.

Vanquish uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to gently and evenly warm fat cells, which causes the lipids inside them to break down. Fat cells are relatively fragile, so they undergo natural cell death at temperatures that don’t harm skin or muscle cells.

The Vanquish applicator doesn’t contact skin during treatment, and skin temperatures do not exceed 40 degrees Celsius, so this procedure is both safe and comfortable for our patients.

After your RF treatment, your body will harmlessly excrete fat cells destroyed by Vanquish through the liver and lymphatic system. This process is similar to how the body processes fat during digestion, and it will not harm your health in any way.

Most patients need several treatment sessions to produce optimal results, which appear gradually over the course of two to three months. Vanquish effectively removes fat from the abdomen, flanks, hips, and thighs, but unlike liposuction, it cannot contour very small areas e.g., under the chin.

Is Vanquish safe?

Vanquish is one of the gentlest and least invasive types of body contouring, even when compared to similar non-surgical techniques. Unlike other thermal body contouring procedures, Vanquish will not cause significant inflammation or induce unpleasant sensations during treatment when applied correctly. Research shows Vanquish carries a very low risk of complications, and most patients who undergo RF fat reduction can resume their normal activities immediately after their appointments.

The Treatment

We recommend 4 to 6 sessions, scheduled a week apart from each other. Treatments last a total of 45 minutes per session. During the treatments, you will be required to remove all metal and will be unable to have your phone in hand. You will be placed in a quiet room and checked on every 15 minutes to ensure you are comfortable.

Since the Vanquish machine does heat up, some individuals have complained of discomfort. However, if you are hydrated (meaning you drink water more than just the day of treatment) then the treatments will not be bothersome.

Benefits of Vanquish

Vanquish is the only body sculpting technique that does not come in contact with the patient during treatments. Similarly, there is no recovery time after each treatment, meaning you can enjoy your day as normal after your treatment sessions. Vanquish also treats the largest area of fat per session compared to its competitors.

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