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“Does your Business Understand the Importance of the Menopause?”

Updated: Apr 19

By Bronwen Dudley-Owen

It’s now no longer taboo! We can talk about it at last!

But, let me start with a few questions. Does your business understand the menopause? Do you know how important the support you give could be to menopausal women, to their health and wellbeing and ultimately to the success of your company?

Women of menopausal age make up the fastest growing demographic of the UK workforce. Up until very recently, those going through the menopause have experienced a lack of support, lack of awareness and little inclusivity in the workplace. Unfortunately, this has led to 1 in 4 considering leaving their job due to menopause. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

I’m pleased to say that times are starting to change and the physical and mental health of employees has become a priority within businesses. As traditional taboos of what we can talk about are broken down, all companies, even those dominated by men, must ensure they are supporting everyone at every life-stage, including menopause. This is not only important from a social responsibility perspective but will also improve your company’s productivity.

Companies should introduce a menopause policy and provide an inclusive and supportive working environment for all women experiencing menopause.

For those experiencing symptoms it can be a difficult and stressful time. Everyone will experience the menopause differently and for some, symptoms can be quite severe and can affect people both physically and mentally.

Symptoms include poor concentration, mood swings, tiredness, poor memory, anxiety, feeling low/depressed, dry skin, incontinence and lowered confidence. All of these can impact on performance and how well you do your job.

A great starting point for businesses wishing to introduce a menopause policy and support their workforce is to attend a special event we are staging called ‘Embrace the Change’. It takes place on 16 May at St Pierre Park Hotel and will feature many top UK experts in this field who will answer questions and share their knowledge. Our aim is to support, educate and inform and we invite you to attend.

For more information on the event and who will be speaking go to

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