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Mummy Make-Over

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Core to Floor

The post-partum workout that every mum should know about!

At Guernsey Skin and Beauty, we appreciate the incredible nature of a woman's body.


We understand that women go through a remarkable journey of creating and nurturing life, with their bodies undergoing significant changes to bring about the miracle of birth.


However, it is common for women to feel that their bodies don't fully revert to their pre-pregnancy appearance, leading them to seek treatments to address these concerns.

Combining the award winning EMSCULPT Neo® and EMSELLA®, patients report a 95% satisfaction rate on their core and pelvic floor strength.

Core to floor therapy is the first solution to address the whole core which can improve;

  • Muscle strength

  • Balance

  • Back discomfort

  • Incontinence

  • Stubborn belly fat

With no needles, anaesthesia, downtime or having to leave the .

Regain your confidence by combining these award-winning technologies for a fitter, stronger you.

Treatment Options

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