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Excess Hair

Body Conscious

Excessive hair growth is a problem for many people and can be treated successfully by using one of our three methods for hair.

The list of ways that body hair can embarrass us is long!

  • Ingrown hair and the scars they leave 

  • Razor rash or painful stubble from shaving or waxing

  • Unwanted hair on your back or other parts of your body

  • A lady beard or moustache 


Plus, the time and money you spend to continually shave, tweeze and wax, worst still when you see you have missed a spot!


Laser hair removal can prevent ingrown hairs and painful spots forming and can erase the little brown marks that are left behind.

We can remove all types of hair from dark thick hair to fine blonde peach fuzz to those pesky chin hairs which have turned grey.


6 sessions, one every 4 weeks


Programe prices start at £625 for an upper lip, bikini and underarms.


Reserve your consultation to find out how our experts can help you reduce your unwanted hair and make your skin lovely and smooth.


Please note we only work in packages



Treatment Options

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