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Wow, this is a fascinating and fabulously relaxing, destressing treatment that anyone will enjoy.

Yakov Gershkovich is a male Russian facialist who has designed a unique Sculptural Face Lifting technique. He is very famous in our industry and has the reputation of not only being unique but very much a perfectionist if you are one of his students.

Ella trained with Yakov two years ago and since then we have seen an increase in people around the world wanting to experience this very special facial.

These facials are very specialised and are perfect for anyone who is really serious about keeping excellent muscle tone in their face to keep their features looking young and soft and also the increased blood circulation in this facial serves immense benefit to the skin to keep it feed full of nutrients and take away the toxins allowing the skin cells to work at their optimum.

They are also perfect for anyone who does not want botox or anti wrinkle injections.

Korean masks and peels can be used after the Sculpting Facials giving you a treatment that is the height of luxury and so beneficial for you, you will truly look amazing.

These specialised Sculptural Face Lifting Facials are available in courses of ten only.

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