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Hormones play a vital role in our overall health and wellbeing, especially when it comes to fighting the ageing process. Hormones are chemical compounds formed by glands and carried through the blood to other organs and glands. When hormones reach their target, they stimulate that body part to function more vigorously.

When hormones are balanced, the body can do miraculous things, like regenerate new tissue, create energy, and fight disease. However, a reduction in the production of hormones is the most probable cause of the growing incidence of premature ageing.

Dr Sisterbespoke hormone treatments designed to address the effects of the menopause, thyroid problems, and chronic fatigue syndrome. After an in-depth consultation and blood tests, we focus on hormonal dosages, nutritional and supplementary advice, exercise, and lifestyle changes to help you achieve peak physical and mental performance.

Women's hormone levels begin to fluctuate around the age of 40 during the perimenopause, when the ovaries begin to produce less estrogen. Although this is a natural part of the ageing process, it doesn't always happen in a balanced way, and imbalances can cause symptoms such as weight gain, hot flushes, migraines, constipation, depression, and loss of youthful skin quality.

During your initial consultation, Dr Sister will assess your symptoms, discuss your concerns, and take a full medical and family history. A blood sample will be taken and tested to measure your hormone levels. Once the results are processed, we will discuss your results and suggest any treatment necessary to re-balance your hormones and get you on the road to recovery.

Dr Sister specializes in prescribing bio-identical hormones. These hormones have the same chemical structure as the hormones created by your body, making them easier to metabolize. They're generally of plant origin but are processed in a lab to enable them to be taken in safe doses.

Our approach is bespoke, meaning that we create a plan, or compound, specific to your needs. Your treatment plan will be totally personal, bio-identical, and tailored to your individual results, as everyone's hormone levels and symptoms will vary.


Some people struggle to lose weight no matter what diet or exercise regime they try. Others lose weight easily, but gain it back again just as quickly.

Dr Sister has had great success helping patients manage their weight successfully. He will develop a tailored, personal plan for each patient, which may include hormone re-balancing, nutritional advice, an exercise plan and supplements all designed to make your weight loss and weight management easier.

Hormones play a big part in how easily we put on weight, and the areas in which our bodies store it. This is why you will be oftered a set of blood tests to determine your hormone levels before we finalise the plan.

For instance:

  • Too much estrogen and not enough progesterone can lead to excess fat below the waist - what is commonly referred to as the muffin top™.

  • Large calves can sometimes be a sign of a slow thyroid, as can a puffy face in the morning.

  • A larger belly may be connected to low progesterone levels.

If you’re struggling with your weight, book a consultation with Dr Sister.

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