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The pain free, relaxing removal of hair all in one treatment!

So what is Hair Bare ProfessionalTM?

Hair Bare ProfessionalTM is a treatment that offers long term hair reduction on all colour hairs including blondes! The hair is removed immediately, leaving the skin not only hair free but super soft too, improving skin texture. So much more than just a hair removal treatment, it will leave the skin exfoliated, fresh and glowing, all in one treatment. Leaving your clients with an airbrushed flawless look to the skin. The fluffy vellus hair, or hair that has already been laser treated has a particularly long term result with Hair Bare professionalTM.

A combination of products that work together for the purpose of long term hair removal.

HAIR BARE PROFESSIONALTM is a new concept in removing hair and when it is used with the ‘STOP IT’ hair reduction creme you can expect a full removal of the hair at the time of treatment, hair should grow back slower, shorter and less dense. It is perfect to use after a course of laser/IPL to help get rid of the finer lighter hairs, or in combination with laser/IPL, so the laser can treat the coarse terminal hairs and HAIR BARE PROFESSIONALTM treat the finer fluffy ones. It can be used alternatively with waxing if the client has a problem with the texture of the skin and ingrowing hairs. It can also be used as a stand alone hair removal treatment depending on what the clients concerns and expectations are. HAIR BARE PROFESSIONALTM can be used pre advanced facials like RF, HIFU, PLASMA PEN to prep the skin before the treatment to get a better penetration of the energy. HAIR BARE PROFESSIONALTM can also become a facial that not only removes the hair but also exfoliates and brightens the skin. After years of research, it was apparent that the majority of people seeking hair removal had received adverse reactions when using depilatory creams such as hyper/hypo pigmentation, scarring and burns. Through research and clinical trials, HAIR BARE PROFESSIONALTM was developed as a safe and effective treatment. Clients are now able to complete the hair removal process effectively with confidence and peace of mind. HAIR BARE PROFESSIONALTM is a professional procedure performed by qualified beauty therapists, providing optimum safety. It is a new concept in making hair removal PAIN FREE, relaxing and even enjoyable, by adding beautiful scents and soothing ingredients, and even a neck and shoulder massage whilst the skin is being re-balanced to a pH of 5.5. It makes HAIR BARE PROFESSIONALTM very unique. In the fast-paced life in which we live, treatments that offer multiple indications with one visit are definitely the future of the world of beauty.


A clinically proven hair retardant creme, with a combination of active ingredients proven to inhibit hair growth. STOP IT targets the hair follicle cells and weakens new hair formation, gradually reducing hair density and length. Allantoin helps to soothe and moisturise the skin and Aloe Vera helps calm and cool. It is also paraben free. STOP IT has the highest level of active ingredient for inhibiting hair on the market to date.

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