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April Facial Winner -Llywella James

January Facial Winner - Nicola Jordan

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''A place where you can enjoy high-quality world-renowned treatments,

without having to leave the island.

We look forward to Getting To Know You''.

If you're looking to be taken care of 


This is exactly what we're going to do for you!

You deserve the very best and we will achieve this for you by doing a full head-to-toe consultation.
Our team will create a bespoke long term t
reatment plan, so you can look and feel your best all year round. Let's keep you looking fresh, not false.
Does this sound good to you?


Ask our team to reserve your

 'Get To Know You' consultation.




We start you on your journey with a consultation. This is where we take the time to find out about you and explain how we can help you achieve your goals.

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You will receive a customised image plan and information to help you correct, prevent, and maintain healthier looking skin. 


The next step of your journey is the treatment itself.
This is where you embark on your treatment program with one of our highly trained team to look after you.

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A home care routine will be recommended to match your lifestyle, age and skin condition. This is just as important as any treatments that you have at our MediSpa.